BMI Property Management

Generally it's the beautiful homes that our guests and renters fall in love with. These homes are built as single family homes and usually Americans live in them year round so we give the European guests a taste of the American lifestyle.

  There is always the question of how much a home in SW Florida will cost, including monthly expenses such as utilities. The other question is, “How much rental income can I generate if I use the home myself once or twice a year”? Both valid questions, and we can answer both because of our extensive experience in this field.

Most important is the location of the home and a comfortable, clean,  well kept interior. This is what the tourist is looking for in a home since he doesn't just dream of sunshine and beach but also wants to experience the easy going southern way of life. Part of that is swimming in “their own” pool and lounging around on a nice pool deck. The pool should be heated from December until April. While daytime temperatures are nice and warm, nighttime temperatures can be rather cool and therefore the water can get very cold during those months.

Our service doesn't just include all that is property management, but also an extensive marketing program, so you can rent out your dream home in SW Florida as much as possible. Through a thorough guest check-in, and then a check-out on the day of departure we make sure that people treat your home as they would their own.